Timothy P. Locklear II is a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and specializes in American Indian graphic and jewelry design from Pembroke, North Carolina. Two of his cherished credits are designing the Lumbee Ring and Pinecone Patchwork Jewelry, which are ways to preserve key events, dates, and symbols of Lumbee tribal history. He also designed the current University of North Carolina at Pembroke Logo and is the illustrator of a children’s coloring book, Southeastern Woodland Designs. He currently serves as coordinator of Cyna’s 3E, a local non-profit with goals intended to Enhance, Educate and Empower the local Native Community. A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University with a BS degree in Biblical Studies prompted the development of Serving People in Need (SPIN) Ministry, which focuses on providing bible study and Christian fellowship to several Nursing Care facilities in Robeson County. In addition, he is a Cyna’s Jewelers, Inc. board member and a current Master of Theological Studies student at Wesley Seminary.  

Timothy P. Locklear II